Eco-Pre-marital health check for Women (43+ tests)


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A pre-marital health check offers a crucial health assessment of soon-to-be-married couples in which they are tested for genetic, infectious and transmissible diseases to prevent any risk of transmitting any disease to each other and their children. It is vital for couples in order to aid them to understand their genetics and help them take the necessary precautions or treatments.

Eco-Premarital health package ideal for assessing health status of prospective bride and groom, detecting infectious diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B &amp; C, Syphilis, identifying genetic disorders like Thalassemia, Sickle cell disease etc.


What Preparation do you need for this Checkup?


Overnight fasting for 8-12 hours.

Need to fill the Information form for Hb Electrophoresis.

Types of test include:-

  • CBC & ESR (20 tests)
  • Peripheral blood smear (1 test)
  • Blood grouping & Rh (2 tests)
  • Testosterone Total & Free (2 tests)
  • LH, FSH, Prolactin (3 tests)
  • Cortisol (1 test)
  • Estradiol, Progesterone (2 tests)
  • TSH, FT3, FT4 (3 tests)
  • Hb Electrophoresis (1 test)
  • HIV, VDRL, HBsAg, HCV- qualitative tests (4 tests)
  • Iron studies (4 tests)


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