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Finding a trusted x-ray place can be stressful, especially when dealing with an injury or health concern. At Ecotown Diagnostics, we understand this and are here to help.

We are a special x-ray centre that uses digital x-rays. We use the newest technology and provide excellent care to ensure you feel comfortable during your visit.

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About Our X-Ray Services

An X-ray is a type of imaging that uses radiation to create detailed pictures of your bones and organs. This imaging technique does not require surgery and provides clear images of the inside of your body. Our digital x-ray services are perfect for:

  • Fracture diagnosis: We can quickly assess broken bones in the arms, legs, hands, feet, and spine.
  • Identifying abnormalities: X-rays help detect problems like arthritis, infections, and certain lung conditions like pneumonia.
  • Monitoring progress: X-rays can show how fractures are healing and track the progress of treatment for various conditions.

Technology & Patient Care: A Winning Combination

The equipment, staff, and steps involved are different for each type of diagnostic X-ray procedure. However, they are all invaluable tools in detecting abnormalities and making early diagnosis of disease or injury.

Most routine X-rays do not require patients to prepare for the exam. However, special studies, such as contrast radiography or barium enemas, require patients to follow special instructions from the doctor.

Patients might be asked to make dietary changes leading up to the time of the exam. Patients might also be asked to leave jewelry at home, along with other metal objects that could interfere with the X-ray images. Patients might be asked to avoid using deodorants, body powders, or creams on the day of the appointment.

Patients will follow a different process depending on the diagnostic X-ray procedure. They might be asked to change into a gown or smock.

At the appointment, patients will meet X-ray professionals who are specially trained to help with the procedure:

A radiologist is a doctor who specializes in imaging the human body. A radiologic technologist is trained to operate the equipment and obtain X-ray images. A radiologic nurse monitors vital signs, administers medication, and provides patient care during the procedure. Once a patient has changed into the smock or gown, a technologist will escort him or her into the X-ray room to stand, sit, or lie on a table that is near an X-ray machine. An apron or shield might be placed over the patient’s body to protect sensitive organs during the exam.

The machine will take several X-rays, and the patient might be asked to adjust position during the test. It is important to remain still during each examination.

Patients might be asked to wait until the radiologist reviews images to be sure additional images aren’t needed. If the patient ingested a contrast medium or barium, it is important to drink plenty of liquid over the 24 to 48 hours following the scan to help pass the material.

The radiologist will review the images and send a report to the doctor, who will notify the patient of any findings.

Our Comprehensive X-Ray Services

We offer a wide range of X-ray services, including digital x-rays, to cater to your specific needs.

Test NameDescriptionPrice
RadiographyRadiography is a fundamental X-ray service, providing essential imaging for diagnosing bone fractures, lung conditions, and dental issues. Quick and non-invasive, it’s a first-line diagnostic tool, offering clear insights into various internal structures with minimal patient preparation. 
FluoroscopyFluoroscopy, a dynamic X-ray technique, allows real-time visualization of internal organs. It’s pivotal in guiding procedures like catheter insertions and joint injections. This live-motion X-ray aids in diagnosing diseases of the digestive system, kidneys, and joints, enhancing accuracy in interventional treatments. 
Computed Tomography (CT)Computed Tomography (CT) combines multiple X-ray images to create detailed cross-sectional views of the body. It’s invaluable in diagnosing complex conditions like cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and internal injuries. CT scans provide high-resolution images, aiding in precise treatment planning and disease management. 
MammographyMammography specializes in breast imaging, using low-dose X-rays for early detection of breast cancer. Essential in women’s health, it aids in identifying tumors and calcifications. Regular mammograms are recommended for early cancer detection, playing a crucial role in preventive healthcare. 
Therapeutic X-raysTherapeutic X-rays are a vital component of radiation therapy, primarily used in cancer treatment. Targeting malignancies with high-energy X-rays, this service plays a key role in shrinking tumors and killing cancer cells, often used alongside chemotherapy or surgery in comprehensive cancer care. 

Why Choose Us for Your X-Ray Needs?

Many reasons to choose Ecotown Diagnostics for your x-ray needs:

Patient-Centered Care

We focus on your comfort and health, offering a peaceful and helpful setting at our x-ray center.

Accuracy & Speed

Our digital X-ray technology delivers fast and accurate results, allowing for quicker diagnosis and treatment plans.


Our x-ray lab offers easy appointment scheduling and has multiple locations for convenient access. This makes us the closest option for many residents.

Competitive Rates

Recognized as the best X-ray centre near you. We offer competitive pricing for our X-ray services.

Receive Your X-Ray Results in Just 45 Minutes!

At Ecotown DIagnostics, we prioritize your time and peace of mind. Our digital X-ray technology delivers your films and reports within just 45 minutes after your scan.

Quick, accurate, and hassle-free, we ensure you’re on your way to recovery without the wait.

Fast Track Your Care

Skip the stress of long waits with our efficient X-ray service. Book now for swift, reliable results. Call us today at +91 96067 66561 or visit our website to schedule your X-ray appointment at our nearest x-ray lab.

Our X-Ray Procedure

An X-ray is a relatively simple procedure. Here’s what to expect during your visit to our x-ray clinic:


Our staff will discuss your medical history and the reason for the X-ray.


The radiologist will position you comfortably near the X-ray machine.

Image Capture

The radiologist will examine the area by taking several X-ray images from different angles.

Review & Results

The radiologist will review the X-ray images and provide a report to your doctor. Your doctor will then discuss the results with you and determine the next steps.

Patient Reviews

See what our patients are saying about their experience at Ecotown Diagnostics.

Manash Pratim DasManash Pratim Das
10:26 10 Feb 24
Very good experience
Asis Kumar RoyAsis Kumar Roy
10:26 10 Feb 24
Good ambience
Prachurjya KashyapPrachurjya Kashyap
10:26 10 Feb 24
Excellent lab tests and great consultancy service.
Bhavana ReddyBhavana Reddy
04:47 10 Feb 24
Good experience
surendra babu darisasurendra babu darisa
04:35 10 Feb 24
Services are very good
Xavier S RajXavier S Raj
06:17 03 Feb 24
Great experience. Quick and clean. very responsive staff. I did my TMT there and the nurse there 'Anju' is knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable and complete the test with ease.
Pradeep SalianPradeep Salian
16:24 22 Jan 24
Taken corporate health check service, Centre is clean and staff was very professional, ask the tests were done in less time, scanning was completed in second half, scheduled on Monday 8 AM. It was a good experience. Consultation was completed in evening not much rush. Rates should be competitive enough.
Jayakanth GJayakanth G
15:09 22 Jan 24
Went for General check-up, it was pleasant experience. Be it following-up, answering the queries and updating after each test. It show passion for their work.Good work by all the Staffs. Big thumps up for all.Highly recommended.
Gunasekaran SPGunasekaran SP
08:38 13 Jan 24
Went for a health checkup. They can improve on informing people of what's next test and how long have to wait. Will help people instead of simply waiting for long time without any information
joy gracejoy grace
12:41 05 Apr 23
Had visited for a general body checkup.The lab is clean and neat. The staff were friendly too. Overall it's a pleasant experience.Waiting time was around 1h for the ultra sound scan. Rest of the tests were quick.Reports were given on the same day eve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Preparation for an X-ray depends on the type of exam. Generally, you may be asked to remove jewelry and wear a hospital gown. For some procedures, like abdominal X-rays, you might need to fast for a few hours. We’ll provide specific instructions when you schedule your appointment.
X-rays use a small amount of radiation, but they are generally safe when performed properly. We use the latest technology to minimize exposure and our technicians are trained in radiation safety. Pregnant women or those who suspect they might be pregnant should inform the technician prior to the X-ray.

Most X-ray exams take only a few minutes. However, the total time may vary depending on the complexity of the exam. Results are typically available within 24 to 48 hours, and your referring doctor will discuss them with you.

KUB X-rays can identify structural changes in the kidney area, such as kidney stones or severe calcifications, but they are not typically used for diagnosing kidney diseases, especially in early stages. For more detailed assessment of kidney health, other tests like ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, and blood tests are usually recommended.

The best scan for detecting kidney stones is typically a non-contrast CT scan (also known as a CT KUB). This type of scan provides highly detailed images, making it very effective in identifying the size, location, and type of kidney stones. Ultrasound can also be used, especially in pregnant women or when radiation exposure is a concern, but it may be less sensitive than a CT scan for detecting small stones.

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