Our Commitment to Quality: NABL Accredited Laboratory Services​

Ecotown Diagnostics embodies a visionary commitment to delivering high-quality diagnostic services to our clients. As an NABL ACCREDITED LABORATORY, we firmly believe that the true measure of service quality lies not in what we invest but in what our customers gain. At Ecotown, our relentless dedication is geared towards providing clients with the best and most advanced diagnostic care and consultations they rightfully deserve.

Each day, we execute comprehensive testing, analysis, and reporting, ensuring the utmost reliability and personalized service to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients. Our unparalleled infrastructure is the cornerstone of our success, featuring dedicated professionals, cutting-edge analytical equipment, automated specimen processing, and advanced reporting applications.

We offer a diverse range of Blood Tests and Sample analyses, all certified by qualified Biochemists, Pathologists, and Microbiologists. Our laboratory services are accessible throughout the week for the convenience of our customers. To enhance accessibility, we provide a home sample collection facility conducted by Qualified Technicians. Furthermore, clients can conveniently access their reports via email or WhatsApp.

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Our diagnostic services aim to empower both patients and healthcare professionals by offering convenient and timely access to precise medical testing and diagnostics.

World-Class Care

Rigorously selected board-certified doctors and longer appointments with doctors who actually listen.

Putting You First

Same-day appointments, convenient ofice locations, and on-site lab test with no appointment required.

Everywhere Access

Book appointments and get 24/7 care via phone, app, or online, and email directly with your doctor.

Attention to Service

Book appointments and get 24/7 care via phone, app, or online, and email directly with your doctor.


As a cohesive team, our mission is to empower India by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to deliver high-quality and affordable medical laboratory services.

Founded in 2017

A humble start with a vision to serve

Scaling Up

Served more than 500000 happy clients

Growth And Expansion

Growing steadily with more than 500000 happy clients


Upholding High Standards in Patient Care with Ecotown Diagnostics

Excellence in medicine is not a coincidence but a deliberate pursuit. It represents a nuanced and continuously evolving field that demands insight, sensitivity, and an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, ensuring the delivery of optimal patient care and outcomes.

At Ecotown Diagnostics, our success is underpinned by the profound recognition that medical leadership plays a pivotal role in upholding the highest standards of professional and operational excellence for both our doctors and clients. Embedded within our culture, medical leadership permeates all divisions and practices, serving as the cohesive force that unifies our organization. It signifies a profound understanding of the unique complexities, responsibilities, and privileges inherent in medical practice.

Our Commitment to Medical Leadership​

At Ecotown Diagnostics, our medical leadership philosophy upholds a set of ideals that define our approach to medical practice:

Founder Director - Sales & Operations

Mr. Karun Kaniyar

Experience of more than a decade in developing, Marketing and executing strategies towards business development
Founder Director-Finance & Marketing

Mr. Vijayraghu Halmidi

Responsible for the overall Marketing and Finance of the company and is instrumental in making
Founder & CTO

Mrs. Ramya K S

Professional, works closely with fellow directors and contributes for Business development strategies, and Employee Policies.

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