Cardiology services available at our diagnostic center are given below

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

An electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG or EKG, is a non-invasive test used by your doctor to record the activity of your heart. Electrocardiogram is used to help your doctor look for any indications of heart disease or other heart-related abnormalities.

Treadmill Stress Test

A Treadmill Stress Test measures your heart rhythm when the heart is stressed by exercise, such as walking or running on a treadmill. The test looks for any changes in the rhythm of your heart while you are walking on a treadmill changes might indicate problems


Echocardiography is a test that uses sound waves to produce live images of your heart. The image is an echocardiogram. This test allows your doctor to monitor how your heart and its valves are functioning. It is key in determining the health of the heart muscle.