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Pioneering Doctor Consultation in Bangalore

Explore our doctor consultations in Bangalore, a service that blends convenience with top-tier medical expertise. At our diagnostic centre, you’ll connect with renowned healthcare professionals from the comfort of your home. We offer specialized consultations across various medical fields like Diabetologist, Cardiologist, Radiologist, and General Physician. Ensuring that your health concerns are addressed with utmost care and precision. Our platform is designed for easy access and seamless communication, providing personalized medical advice and follow-up care.


Advanced Technology for Seamless Doctor Consultations​

Embrace the future of healthcare with our cutting-edge platform, designed to bring you closer to the best medical minds in Bangalore without leaving your home. Our robust technology ensures that every consultation is secure, private, and of the highest quality. From high-definition video calls to advanced data encryption, we prioritize your safety and convenience. Experience the ease of booking appointments, accessing medical records, and receiving prescriptions. Our platform is the bridge between you and optimal health, leveraging technology to make healthcare accessible, efficient, and reliable.


Best Doctor Consultation Services in Bangalore​

Our spectrum of services caters to a wide range of medical needs, ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to all. From general health concerns to specialized care, our network of esteemed doctors is equipped to handle diverse health issues with utmost precision and care. Teleconsultations, second opinions, prescription services, and wellness advice are just a snippet of what we offer. We understand the complexities of healthcare needs and strive to provide services that are not just comprehensive but also customized to each individual’s health journey.

General Physician

Access expert General physician consultation at our diagnostic center where we offer personalized medical advice from experienced general physicians, specializing in comprehensive healthcare management. Connect virtually with our general physician, discuss symptoms, receive diagnoses, and get prescriptions, all from the comfort and safety of your home in a few simple clicks. Trust us for reliable, convenient, and professional general physician consultations.

Diabetologist Consultation

Start your diabetes management effectively with our Diabetologist consultation. Our diagnostic center connects you with leading Diabetologists where you will have sessions which are designed to provide complete diabetes care, including personalized treatment plans, lifestyle advice, and ongoing monitoring. Embrace a proactive approach to your diabetes management with our diabetologist consultation', available conveniently for your utmost health and wellness.

Cardiologist Consultation

Our diagnostic center's Cardiologist consultation connects you to renowned cardiac specialists. Receive expert advice, complete heart assessments, and personalized care plans, all through our accessible platform. Embrace the convenience of top-tier cardiac care from home, ensuring your heart's health is always in the hands of trusted cardiologist consultation professionals.

Radiologist Consultants

Consult with our expert Radiologist consultants for insightful medical imaging interpretations. Our radiologist consultants service at the diagnostic center ensures precise diagnoses and efficient treatment planning. Benefit from their specialized expertise in interpreting a wide range of imaging studies, including MRI, CT scans, and X-rays. Trust our consultants to provide detailed, accurate, and timely medical imaging evaluations, enhancing your overall care


Why Our Doctor Consultation Service is the Best in Bangalore​

Choosing us means opting for a service that values your health and time. Our platform stands out for its commitment to providing timely, efficient, and expert healthcare solutions. With an extensive network of certified professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and a user-friendly interface, we ensure a hassle-free consultation experience. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of care and privacy sets us apart. We’re not just a platform; we’re your trusted partner in managing your health, offering personalized care that understands and addresses your unique needs.

Diverse Expertise

Access top healthcare professionals from various specialties

Seamless Scheduling

Easy and flexible scheduling for all consultations

Confidentiality Assurance

Your privacy and data security are our top priority

Ongoing Support

Dedicated support for ongoing health management and queries

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Hear From Our Patients

Manash Pratim DasManash Pratim Das
10:26 10 Feb 24
Very good experience
Asis Kumar RoyAsis Kumar Roy
10:26 10 Feb 24
Good ambience
Prachurjya KashyapPrachurjya Kashyap
10:26 10 Feb 24
Excellent lab tests and great consultancy service.
Bhavana ReddyBhavana Reddy
04:47 10 Feb 24
Good experience
surendra babu darisasurendra babu darisa
04:35 10 Feb 24
Services are very good
Xavier S RajXavier S Raj
06:17 03 Feb 24
Great experience. Quick and clean. very responsive staff. I did my TMT there and the nurse there 'Anju' is knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable and complete the test with ease.
Pradeep SalianPradeep Salian
16:24 22 Jan 24
Taken corporate health check service, Centre is clean and staff was very professional, ask the tests were done in less time, scanning was completed in second half, scheduled on Monday 8 AM. It was a good experience. Consultation was completed in evening not much rush. Rates should be competitive enough.
Jayakanth GJayakanth G
15:09 22 Jan 24
Went for General check-up, it was pleasant experience. Be it following-up, answering the queries and updating after each test. It show passion for their work.Good work by all the Staffs. Big thumps up for all.Highly recommended.
Gunasekaran SPGunasekaran SP
08:38 13 Jan 24
Went for a health checkup. They can improve on informing people of what's next test and how long have to wait. Will help people instead of simply waiting for long time without any information
joy gracejoy grace
12:41 05 Apr 23
Had visited for a general body checkup.The lab is clean and neat. The staff were friendly too. Overall it's a pleasant experience.Waiting time was around 1h for the ultra sound scan. Rest of the tests were quick.Reports were given on the same day eve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Doctor Consulting​

An doctor consultation is a virtual medical consultation service where patients can speak with healthcare professionals through a video call, phone call, or chat platform, allowing for medical advice, diagnosis, and prescription services remotely.

You can book the consultation through our website. Simply choose the type of specialist you need, select an available time slot, and complete the booking process.

We offer a wide range of specialists, including general physicians, radiologists, cardiologists, and diabetologists to cater to various health needs.

The cost varies depending on the specialist and the consultation duration. We provide a clear pricing structure on our website for your convenience.

Yes, if the consulting doctor deems it necessary, they can issue a prescription, which will be sent to you electronically.

Absolutely. We adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality standards to ensure your personal and medical information is secure and protected.

Typically, each consultation session lasts around 15-30 minutes, but it can vary based on the service and the doctor’s assessment.

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment through our website. We request that you do so at least a few hours in advance.

Yes, if necessary, our doctors can order lab tests. You can visit our diagnostic center for the tests, or use our at-home testing service, if available.

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