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Need a “TMT test (Treadmill Test) near me in Bangalore”? We, at Ecotown Diagnostics, bring an easy and reliable way to check on the health of your heart. Our TMT test is one of the non-invasive procedures that help your doctors in diagnosing you with coronary artery disease, where your arterial width gets reduced due to plaque deposition.

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A TMT test, also known as a treadmill stress test is often conducted by cardiologists. You will be asked to walk or jog on the motor-driven treadmill, which will be gradually accelerated and inclined. During exercise, an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine monitors your heart rhythm, blood pressure, and breathing. Now, the doctor can visualize the way your heart responds to the imposed stress.

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We make use of advanced treadmill equipment and ECG technology that makes my TMT Test near me accurate and comfortable. The experienced health team ensures it is made extremely comfortable and provides comprehensive information.


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Seeking for a ‘TMT test services’? Choose us for unparalleled expertise in treadmill testing. Our diagnostic center offers accurate cardiac assessments, utilizing advanced TMT technologies and expert medical professionals to ensure comprehensive heart health evaluations.

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Embark on a journey to better heart health with our premier Treadmill Test services. If you’re seeking the most reliable ‘TMT test in Bangalore’, our diagnostic center is your destination. Expert care, advanced technology, and thorough analysis await you. Book your test now and take a proactive step towards a healthier heart.

How We Work

How Our Treadmill Stress Tests are Done


A physician will interview you and take your medical history, which will focus on symptoms of concern for coronary artery disease.


You will be requested to wear comfortable loose clothing and shoes that you can walk or jog in.

Test on the treadmill

You will be then step on the treadmill and start walking or jogging very slowly. The speed and incline will increase as the test is advanced.


This will measure your heart rhythm, blood pressure, and breathing while the treadmill stress test is going on.

Get Your Report Immediately

Your doctor will check the results and discuss them with you after the test.


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Manash Pratim DasManash Pratim Das
10:26 10 Feb 24
Very good experience
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10:26 10 Feb 24
Good ambience
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10:26 10 Feb 24
Excellent lab tests and great consultancy service.
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04:47 10 Feb 24
Good experience
surendra babu darisasurendra babu darisa
04:35 10 Feb 24
Services are very good
Xavier S RajXavier S Raj
06:17 03 Feb 24
Great experience. Quick and clean. very responsive staff. I did my TMT there and the nurse there 'Anju' is knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable and complete the test with ease.
Pradeep SalianPradeep Salian
16:24 22 Jan 24
Taken corporate health check service, Centre is clean and staff was very professional, ask the tests were done in less time, scanning was completed in second half, scheduled on Monday 8 AM. It was a good experience. Consultation was completed in evening not much rush. Rates should be competitive enough.
Jayakanth GJayakanth G
15:09 22 Jan 24
Went for General check-up, it was pleasant experience. Be it following-up, answering the queries and updating after each test. It show passion for their work.Good work by all the Staffs. Big thumps up for all.Highly recommended.
Gunasekaran SPGunasekaran SP
08:38 13 Jan 24
Went for a health checkup. They can improve on informing people of what's next test and how long have to wait. Will help people instead of simply waiting for long time without any information
joy gracejoy grace
12:41 05 Apr 23
Had visited for a general body checkup.The lab is clean and neat. The staff were friendly too. Overall it's a pleasant experience.Waiting time was around 1h for the ultra sound scan. Rest of the tests were quick.Reports were given on the same day eve.


Frequently Asked Questions About Treadmill Test

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for exercise. You may be advised to avoid eating, smoking, or consuming caffeine for a few hours before the test. Always follow the specific instructions provided by the diagnostic centre.

During the test, you’ll walk on a treadmill while your heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG are monitored. The treadmill’s speed and incline will gradually increase. You should report any symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath immediately.

Typically, the Treadmill Stress Test procedure lasts around 40 minutes. During this time, you will spend approximately 9 to 15 minutes walking or running on the treadmill while we monitor your heart’s response to exercise.

A Treadmill Stress Test is a diagnostic procedure that assesses your heart’s rhythm and function while you engage in exercise, such as walking or running on a treadmill. This test helps identify any potential issues with your heart’s rhythm or blood supply that may only become apparent during physical activity.

The Treadmill Test is conducted to monitor changes in your heart rhythm while you exercise, enabling us to detect any irregularities or indications of compromised blood flow. Our goal is to ensure your heart is functioning optimally and provide you with valuable insights into your cardiovascular health.

Rest assured, the Treadmill Stress Test is performed under the supervision of our highly qualified Cardiologists, who possess expertise in managing heart-related conditions. Our dedicated technicians or nurses, specialized in heart problems, will assist the doctor throughout the procedure, ensuring your comfort and safety.

When you arrive at our testing area, our attentive technicians or nurses will attach the necessary heart monitoring equipment. Sticky patches will be placed on your chest, connected to wires for accurate monitoring. Prior to the test, you will receive a brief explanation to familiarize yourself with the process.

After completing the treadmill exercise, we will monitor your heart for an additional 6 to 10 minutes while observing your blood pressure and heart rate. Your safety is our priority, and we ensure that your vital signs return to their pre-exercise levels before you leave the test area.

Angina, another typical symptom of CAD, is defined as chest pain, although there could also be shortness of breath, fatigue, and pain in the shoulders and arms.

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