Dr. Shivaraja Shetty, MBBS, MD

Founder & Lab Director

Dr. Shivaraja Shetty is an esteemed medical professional, designated with consultant biochemist and lab director with a rich academic background and diverse professional experience. With over 13 years in the field, Dr. Shetty has made significant contributions to both academic and clinical biochemistry, holding key roles in various prestigious institutions.


  • MBBS: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
  • MD: Doctor of Medicine in Biochemistry


  • Consultant Biochemist
  • Lab Director at Ecotown Diagnostics


Professional Experience:
  • Teaching Experience: Served as a professor in 2-3 medical colleges for 4 years, where he was involved in educating and mentoring medical students in biochemistry.
  • Consultant in Corporate Diagnostic Laboratories: Worked for 2 years as a consultant, providing expert biochemical analysis and consultation in corporate diagnostic settings.
  • Lab Director at Ecotown Diagnostics: Serving as the Lab Director for the past 7 years, Dr. Shetty has been instrumental in overseeing laboratory operations, ensuring the highest standards of quality and accuracy in diagnostic services.
  • Independent Ethical Committee: Active member and chairperson for the past 5 years, contributing to the ethical oversight of clinical research and ensuring compliance with ethical standards.


Total Experience:
  • 13 years of comprehensive experience in biochemistry, encompassing academic teaching, clinical consultation, and laboratory management.


Professional Achievements:

Dr. Shivaraja Shetty’s career is marked by his dedication to advancing the field of biochemistry. His roles in academia have shaped the next generation of medical professionals, while his work in diagnostic laboratories has enhanced the quality of biochemical diagnostics. As Lab Director at Ecotown Diagnostics, he has implemented rigorous quality control measures and innovative practices that have significantly improved lab operations and patient outcomes. His leadership in ethical committees underscores his commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in medical research.



Dr. Shivaraja Shetty is a highly respected consultant biochemist and lab director with a profound impact on both academic and clinical biochemistry. His extensive experience, coupled with his commitment to ethical standards and quality in diagnostics, makes him a trusted leader and esteemed professional in the field of biochemistry.