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Eco- Baseline Fitness Health Check For Men (Includes 43 tests)


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  • You want to know if you’re fit to train
  • You want a baseline level of your health so that you can track improvements
  • You’re not making the fitness gains you expect and you want to understand why?

Making exercise a regular part of your life can transform your health; nothing is more motivating than seeing how a new health and fitness regime can help to improve important blood markers. This package gives an excellent insight into health risks that you may have as well as an understanding of why your progress might not be as you hoped.

Includes tests for iron deficiency and cholesterol as well as vitamin D, B12, and testosterone. Track changes to your inner health as your fitness levels improve, and learn how informed changes to your diet and lifestyle can help improve your overall well being.

Ideal for Men aged above 18 years


What Preparation do you need for this Checkup?


Overnight fasting of 8-12 hours is needed, do not drink coffee/tea however, you may drink water.

Types of test include:-

  • Fasting Blood Glucose – FBG (1 test)
  • Lipid Profile (5 tests)
  • Basic Liver Profile (6 tests)
  • CRP, C Reactive Protein (1 test)
  • Vitamins (3 tests)
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, TSH (1 test)
  • Testosterone Total (1 test)
  • Minerals (4 tests)
  • CBC, Complete Blood Counts (19 tests)
  • Iron Status (2 tests)