Top 3 preventive health checks to take in winter

Top 3 preventive health checks to take in winter

While it’s important to get health checks done on a regular basis irrespective of what season it might be but when it comes to winter we need to take certain types of health checks to prevent or diagnose early signs of any disease.

Here are 3 preventive health checks one must undergo during winter.

Blood Pressure Check-Up:

Due to the narrowing of arteries & veins during winters, the body feels more pressure to keep the body warm. As a result, it puts a lot of pressure on the heart to pump blood. Hence chances of heart attacks during winters are high. People aged above 30 feel tired easily during winter & face more heart-related problems. Hence it is very important to keep your blood pressure in check during winter.

Asthma Check-Up:

Asthma is a widely experienced disease during the winter season. Low temperature & dry air increases breathing difficulty. Asthma attacks happen because of the narrowing of our air passage causing difficulty in breathing. If you are feeling any type of breathing difficulty get a preventive health check done for asthma.

Flu Check-Up:

Flu is a viral infection that can cause running nose, sore throat like problems. The virus is communicable and spreads from one person to another. Stay safe from flu by staying away from flu-infected persons.

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