Tips To Make Blood Draw Easier

Tips To Make Blood Draw Easier

Under proper measures, blood draw is usually a safe procedure. However, people still have different reactions to blood drawn before & after a blood test. Some people are not at all bothered while some are scared of needles and sometimes even faint.

Irrespective of whether you are bothered or not bothered there are certain things that you can do in order to make your blood draw process much easier

Communicate your concerns:-

Try to put your embarrassment aside and let your phlebotomist help you through it, give them details of the past experiences where it was difficult to draw blood or you would have fainted. 

Distraction is your best friend:-

Anxiety builds when you overthink on something. distract yourself by not looking at the needle, bringing a friend along, listen to music, watch a video, visualize being elsewhere.

Stay hydrated and fill your belly:-

First ask whether your test requires fasting, if it does not require fasting, eat well, and drink enough fluids. Sugar levels dropping is a consequence of skipping meals and you may faint. Drinking plenty of water promotes fuller veins and brings them closer to the surface of easier access.

Keep your body temperature warm:-

Lower temperature can shrink your veins, making it difficult to find it, if typically you are a cold person or if the outside temperature is keeping low do everything to stay warm and get the circulation flowing. If needed go for a brisk walk before the appointment.

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