Simple Ways To Prepare For Blood Test

Simple Ways To Prepare For Blood Test

Blood test is done for various reasons. For diagnosing a medical condition to evaluating the function of our human organs like liver, kidney etc. Depending on the type of blood test, some of the blood test can be done right at your home & some will require you to visit the hospital or lab to get your blood test done.

And there are multiple things you can do to make your blood draw easier. Here are some of the 4 simple ways to prepare for a blood test

  • Avoid drinking or eating anything other than water for 8 to 12 hours before the test. This in fact is very important in specific cases where your doctor would have recommended a blood test to be taken up on fasting. Taking a break of  8-12 hours through fasting would definitely help in results accuracy.
  • Do not eat anything at least 3 hours prior to the blood test. In cases where your doctor has not mentioned anything specific about fasting and has asked you to take up a blood test randomly, yet it would be advisable to not eat anything at least 3 hours prior to the blood test.
  • Eating less oil/fatty food, avoiding alcohol for 1-2 days prior are definitely the best prerequisites to be followed before a blood sample is given to a lab for further testing. It definitely helps towards the accuracy of reports.
  • Do not smoke one hour prior to the blood test. This is the most advisable part and should be followed with priority before any kind of blood test.

Following the above steps will help you prepare well before the blood test and help in making your blood draw easier.

Sometimes even we try hard not to but we end up eating, drinking alcohol, or smoking mostly because we are not able to control our hunger or the blood test was set at the wrong timing.

If you happen to fall into such a situation before a blood test it is advisable to call your doctor immediately and reschedule the appointment because you don’t want to get incorrect results in your blood test reports.

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