Laboratory Test

Test NamesReporting TimeContainer TypeSample type
17-OH Progesterone4  DaysRed topSerum
25 – Hydroxy, Vitamin DSame DayRed TopSerum
ABO Grouping & Rh TypingSame DayEDTAWhole blood
Acid Fast BacilliSame DaySterile containerBody fluids
Acid PhosphataseSame DayRed topSerum
ACTHNext DayRed topSerum
ADA (Adenosine Deaminase)3 Working daysRed topSerum
AEC (Absolute Eosinophil Count)Same DayEDTAWhole blood
AFP (Alpha feto protein)Same DayRed topSerum
Alberts Stain (KLB)Same DaySterile containerBody fluid
AlbuminSame DayRed topSerum
Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)Same DayRed topSerum
Alpha1 antitrypsinSame DayRed topSerum
Alpha-AmylaseSame DayRed topSerum
AMH (Anti Mullerian hormone Test)Next DayRed topSerum
AmmoniaNext DayEDTAPlasma
ANA (Anti Nuclear Antibody)(ELISA)Next DayRed topSerum
Anti Cardiolipin Antibody- IgG4 Working DaysRed topSerum
Anti Cardiolipin Antibody- IgM4 Working DaysRed topSerum
Anti- CCP hs2 working DaysRed topSerum
Anti HBC Antibody (IgG & IgM)2-3 working daysRed topSerum
Anti TPO AntibodySame DayRed topSerum
Antiphospholipid antibody4 Working DaysRed topSerum
Apo- A1 (Apolipoprotein  A1))3 Working daysRed topSerum
Apo- B (Apolipoprotein B)3 Working daysRed topSerum
aPTT (activated partial thromboplastin time)Same DayBlue topCitrated plasma
Aqueous tap culture and sensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerWater
Ascitic Fluid Biochemical analysisNext DaySterile containerBody fluids
ASO ( Antistreptolysin O )Same DayRed topSerum
Bence Jones ProteinSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
Beta- HCGSame DayRed topSerum
Bile salts and Bile pigmentsSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
Bilirubin- directSame DayRed topSerum
Bilirubin- indirectSame DayRed TopSerum
Bilirubin- TotalSame DayRed topSerum
Bicarbonate2-3 working DayRed topSerum
Biopsy- Large4 Working DaysSample in 10% formalinHuman Tissue
Biopsy- Medium4 Working DaysSample in 10% formalinHuman Tissue
Biopsy- small4 Working daysSample in 10% formalinHuman Tissue
Bleeding Time (BT) & Clotting time (CT)Same DayIn lab premisesCapillary blood
Blood Culture and Sensitivity5-7 Working daysWhole blood in culture bottleWhole blood
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)Same DayRed topSerum
Body fluid culture and sensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerBody fluid
BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)/ Creatinine RatioSame DayRed topSerum
C Reactive Protein(CRP)- QualitativeSame DayRed topSerum
C Reactive Protein(CRP)- QuantitativeSame DayRed topSerum
CA-125 (Cancer Antigen)-125Same DayRed topSerum
Calcitonin2-3 working daysRed topSerum
CalciumSame DayRed topSerum
Calcium- UrineSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
C-ANCA (C- antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies)Three DaysRed topSerum
Carcino Embrynogenic Antigen(CEA)Same DayRed topSerum
CBC (Complete Blood Count)Same DayEDTAWhole blood
CeruloplasminSame DayRed topSerum
Chickungunya- IgMSame DayRed TopSerum
ChlorideSame DayRed topSerum
CitrateSame DayRed topSerum
CKMB (Creatine kinase-MB)Next DayRed topSerum
CK-NAC (Creatnine Kinase[N-acetyl-cystein-(NAC)-activated creatine kinase, CPKSame DayRed topSerum
Clotting Time (CT)Same DayIn lab premisesCapillary blood
Complete Urine examinationSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
Coomb’s Test – DirectSame DayLavenderWhole blood
Coomb’s Test – IndirectSame DayRed topSerum
CortisolSame DayRed topSerum
C-Peptide2-3 working DayRed topSerum
CreatinineSame DayRed topSerum
Creatinine- UrineSame DayRed topSerum
Double Marker2 working daysRed TopSerum
D- DimerNext DayBlue topPlasma
Dengue NS1, IgG, Ig MSame DayRed topSerum
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)4 Working DaysRed TopSerum
DHEAS (Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate)4 Working DaysRed topSerum
Differential CountSame DayLavenderWhole blood
ds- DNA (Anti-double stranded DNA ), IFA 2-3 working daysRed topSerum
eGFR (Estimated glomerular filtration rate)Same dayRed topSerum
Electrolytes(Sodium-Na, Potassium – K, Chloride- Cl)Same DayRed topSerum
Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate (ESR)Same DayEDTAWhole blood
Estradiol E2Same DayRed topSerum
Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS)Same DayGrey topPlasma
FerritinSame DayRed topSerum
Fertility profile-FSH, LH, PROLACTINSame DayRed topSerum
FibrinogenNext dayBlue topCitrated plasma
Folic acid/FolateSame DayRed topSerum
Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)Same DayRed topSerum
Free T3 (FT3)Same DayRed topSerum
Free T4 (FT4)Same DayRed topSerum
Free TestosteroneSame DayRed topSerum
Free Thyroid Profile (Free T3, Free T4, ultrasensitive TSH)Same DayRed topSerum
Gamma- GT (GGT)Same DayRed topSerum
Glucose Challenge TestSame DayGrey TopPlasma
Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT-fasting& 2hrs)Same DayGrey topSerum
Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT-fasting,1hr & 2hrs)Same DayGrey topSerum
Gram’s StainSame daySterile containerBody fluids
Haemoglobin (Hb)Same DayLavender topWhole blood
Haemogram (CBC+ ESR+ PS)Same DayLavendar top and black topwhole blood
HAV (Hepatitis A Virus)- IgM (ELISA method)5 Working daysRed topSerum
HAV (Hepatitis A Virus)- IgM (RAPID method)Same dayRed topserum
Hb Electrophoresis3-4 Working daysLavender topWhole blood
HbA1c (Glycated Haemoglobin)Same DayLavender topWhole blood
HBsAg- ELISA (Hepatitis B surface Antigen)Next DayRed topSerum
HBsAg- Rapid ((Hepatitis B surface Antigen))Same DayRed topSerum
HBV- DNA (Qualitative) ( Hepatitis B virus DNA)4 DaysRed topSerum
HBV- DNA PCR (Quantitative) ( Hepatitis B virus DNA)4 DaysRed topSerum
HCV ELISA (Hepatitis C Virus)Next DayRed topSerum
HCV Rapid (Hepatitis C Virus)Same DayRed topSerum
HDL CholesterolSame DayRed topSerum
Hepatitis A- IgM and IgG4 Working DaysRed topSerum
Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen (HBeAg)Same DayRed topSerum
HEV- IgM4 Working DaysRed topSerum
HIV I & II ELISANext DayRed topSerum
HIV- I Viral Load (PCR)5 Working daysRed topSerum
HIV RapidSame DayRed topSerum
HLA- B27 ( Human leukocyte antigen B27)4 DaysLavender topWhole blood
HomocysteineNext DayRed topSerum
hsCRP ( high-sensitivity C-reactive protein)Next DayRed topSerum
HSV 1 & 2 IgG & IgM (ELISA)Next DayRed topSerum
IGF-1 ( Insulin-like growth factor-1)Next DayRed topSerum
Immunoglobulin A (IgA)Next DayRed topSerum
Immunoglobulin E (IgE)Next DayRed topSerum
Immunoglobulin G (IgG)Next DayRed topSerum
Immunoglobulin IgA, IgM, IgGNext DayRed topSerum
Immunoglobulin M (IgM)Two DaysRed topSerum
InsulinSame DayRed topSerum
Ionised Calcium (Ca+2)Next DayRed topSerum
IRON STUDIESSame DayRed TopSerum
IronSame DayRed topSerum
Karyotyping6 Working DaysHeparin/Sterile containerBlood and fluids
Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)Same DayRed topSerum
Lactic acid (Lactate)Same DayRed topSerum
LDL CholesterolSame DayRed TopSerum
Leptospira IgG & IgM ELISA3 Working daysRed topSerum
Leutinizing Hormone (LH)Same DayRed topSerum
LipaseSame DayRed topSerum
Lipid ProfileSame DayRed topSerum
Lipoprotein (a)- Lp(a)3 Working daysRed topSerum
LithiumNext DayRed topSerum
Liver Function TestSame DayRed topSerum
MagnesiumSame DayRed topSerum
Magnesium- UrineSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
Mantoux test (Tuberculin test)2 daysIn lab premisesSkin I D test
MCHSame DayLavender topWhole blood
MCHCSame DayLavender topWhole blood
MCVSame DayLavender topWhole blood
MicroalbuminSame DayUrine containerUrine
MP card Method- pv/pf AntigensSame DayLavender topWhole blood
P-ANCA (ELISA)3 working daysRed TopSerum
P- ANCA (ELISA)3 working daysRed topSerum
Packed Cell Volume (PCV)Same Daylavender topWhole blood
Pap smear3 Working daysFixed SlidesFixed slides
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)Next DayRed topSerum
Peripheral smearSame DayLavender topWhole blood
PhosphorousSame DayRed topSerum
Platelet countSame DayLavender topWhole blood
Pleural Fluid AnalysisSame DaySterile containerPleural fluid
Post Prandial Blood Glucose (PPBS)Same DayGrey topPlasma
PotassiumSame DayRed topSerum
ProgesteroneSame DayRed topSerum
ProlactinSame DayRed topSerum
Prostate Specific Antigen – free (Free PSA)Next DayRed topSerum
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Total – HybritechSame DayRed topSerum
Protein- C3 Working daysblue topPlasma
Protein Electrophoresis3-4 working daysRed topSerum
Protein- UrineSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
Protein/Creatinine ratio, UrineSame DayUrine containerUrine
Prothrombin time (PT)Same DayBlue topPlasma
Random Blood Sugar (RBS)Same DayGrey topPlasma
Renal Function Tests (RFT)Same DayRed topSerum
Reticulocyte countSame DayLavenderWhole blood
Rheumatoid Factor (RA test) QualitativeSame DayRed TopSerum
Rubella IgM & IgGNext DayRed TopSerum
Semen AnalysisSame DaySterile containerSemen
Semen culture and sensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerSemen
Serum 25-OH Vitamin D3Same DayRed TopSerum
SGOT ( AST)Same DayRed TopSerum
SGPT (ALT)Same DayRed TopSerum
Sodium (Na)Same DayRed TopSerum
Sodium spot urineSame DayUrine containerUrine
Sputum AFBSame DaySterile containerSputum
Sputum culture & SensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerSputum
Sputum Routine ExaminationSame DaySterile containerSputum
Stool Culture & SensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerStool
Stool for occult bloodSame DayStool containerStool
Stool hanging DropSame DayStool containerStool
Stool Routine ExaminationSame DaySterile containerStool
Triple MarkerThree DaysRed TopSerum
T3Same DayRed TopSerum
T4Same DayRed TopSerum
TB PCR4 DaysRed top/sterile containerSerum/fluid
TB Quantiferon(TB GOLD)6 DaysGreen top, Lithium heparinPlasma
Testosterone (total)Same DayRed topSerum
Throat swab culture & sensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerSwab
Thyroglobulin (IHC marker)5 Working daysTissue block/specimenTissue block
Thyroglobulin (Tg)Next DayRed topSerum
Thyroid Antibody test(Anti TPO + Anti Thyroglobulin)Next DayRed TopSerum
Thyroid Profile ( T3, T4, Ultrasensitive TSH)Same DayRed topSerum
TIBC ( Total iron binding capacity)Same DayRed topSerum
TORCH- panel8 working DaysRed topSerum
Total CholesterolSame DayRed topSerum
Total Leucocyte CountSame DayLavenderWhole blood
Total ProteinSame DayRed topSerum
Toxoplasma IgGThree DaysRed topSerum
Toxoplasma IgG & IgMThree DaysRed topSerum
Toxoplasma IgMThree DaysRed topSerum
TransferrinNext DayRed topSerum
TriglyceridesSame DayRed topSerum
Troponin- ISame DayLavenderWhole blood
Troponin- T (Quantitative)Same DayLavenderWhole blood
TSH – UltrasensitiveSame DayRed topSerum
Typhi DotSame DayRed TopSerum
Uncojugated Estriol E3Next DayRed TopSerum
UreaSame DayRed topSerum
Uric acidSame DayRed topSerum
Urine Bile salts and Bile pigmentsSame DayUrine containerUrine
Urine Culture & SensitivityTwo/Three DaysSterile containerUrine
Urine for AFBSame DayUrine containerUrine
Urine Pregnancy test (UPT)Same DayUrine containerUrine
Urine Routine AnalysisSame DayUrine ContainerUrine
VDRLSame DayRed topSerum
Vitamin B12Same DayRed topSerum
Widal (Slide method)Same DayRed topSerum
Widal (Tube method)Next DayRed topSerum
ANA (IFA) (Anti Nuclear Antibody)4 working daysRed TopSerum
ANA PROFILE7 working daysRed TopSerum
UIBC ( Unsaturated iron binding capacity)Same DayRed TopSerum
Anti Hepatitis A IgG & IgM3 Working daysRed TopSerum
G6PD ( Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase )Quantitative4 Working DaysRed TopSerum
HomocysteineSame DayRed TopSerum
Serum IgGNext DayRed TopSerum
Serum IgENext DayRed TopSerum
Serum LithumNext DayRed topSerum
ProgesteroneSame DayRed TopSerum
HIV CMIASame DayRed TopSerum
TPHA (Treponema pallidum hemagglutination)3 Working daysRed TopSerum
CEA(Carcinoembryonic antigen)Same DayRed TopSerum
Pleural fluid analysis/protein sugarSame DaySterile containerPleural fluid
URINE 24HRS PROTEINSame DayUrine containerUrine
TOXOPLASMA IgG,IgM2 working daysRed topSerum
HBsAg (Hepatitis B virus surface antigen )(CMIA method))Same DayRed TopSerum
CD-4 ( Cluster of differentiation 4)4 Working DaysRed topSerum
IgM-HEV ( Hepatitis E virus IgM)4 Working DaysRed topSerum
IgM-HBc ( Human anti-hepatitis B virus core )4 Working DaysRed topSerum
HIV 1 & 2 antibody2-3 daysRed topSerum
HIV western blot5 Working daysRed topSerum
H pylori -IGA ( Helicobacter pylori antibodies immunoglobulin A )7 working daysRed topSerum
H pylori -IGG (Helicobacter pylori immunoglobulin G)7 working daysRed topSerum
H pyloli – IGM ( Helicobacter pylori IgM )7 working daysRed topSerum
Blood C/S ( Blood culture & Sensitivity)5-7 Working daysBlood Culture bottleBlood
Serum valproic acid3 Working daysRed TopSerum
Urine protien creatinine ratioSame DayUrine containerUrine
HBeAg Antibody ( Hepatitis B envelope antigen )Next DayRed TopSerum
HBV Quantitative RT PCR5 Working daysRed TopSerum
HLA B27 ( Human leukocyte antigen B27 )4 DaysRed topSerum
Thallassemia profile5 Working days1 Red Top, 1 LavenderSerum and Whole Blood
Tacrolimus Test5 Working daysEDTAWhole Blood
Quadruple markerThree DaysRed TopSerum
TTg-IgG (Tissue Transglutaminase )5 working daysRed topSerum
C ANCA & P ANCA (IFA)6 working daysRed topSerun
Karotyping (single)15 working daysHeparin TubeWhole Blood in Heparin tube
TB-PCR ( Tuberculosis PCR) (Urine/Sputum)5 Working DaysSterile containerUrine/Sputum
GENEXPERT3 Working daysSterile containerSputum
Fecal calprotectin6 Working daysStool containerStool
Y- Chromozome Micro Deletion10 working daysLavenderWhole Blood

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