Mindfulness and it’s the significance

Mindfulness and it’s the significance

Mindfulness is the practice of intentionally focusing your attention on the present moment without judging yourselves. Practicing mindfulness has its own benefits on improving our health both mentally and physically. Here are some of the benefits of practicing mindfulness on a regular basis

Helps in decreasing anxiety & increase control over our emotions:

Scientific researches have shown that people who practice mindfulness meditation experience less stress & anxiety. Mindfulness meditation helps people to use their emotions in a way that helps them experience emotion selectively, hence letting people have more control over their emotions

Enhance the ability to deal with illness:

Mindfulness doesn’t help in getting over chronic ailments, however, it has shown to help people manage their symptoms better

For example, the eCALM trial, which is a therapy program for cancer patients, has found that mindfulness can reduce symptoms of stress, facilitate post-traumatic growth, and enhance vigor while relieving fatigue (Zernicke, Campbell, Speca, ruff, Tamagawa, & Carlson, 2016)

Improve health in general:

Apart from helping in improving mental health, mindfulness also helps in improving the general health of our body

Studies done before has shown that practicing mindfulness can help in the improvement of cardiovascular health through more physical activity and a healthier body mass index

Have a healthier relationship with your partner:

The ability to respond well to relationship stress determines how healthy a relationship is. Mindfulness helps to improve ones control over their emotions giving them better abilities in handling relationship stress

Improves focus and attention:

Mindfulness also helps in improving focus and attention. People who practice mindful meditation experience better attention and higher levels of focus

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