3 changes to your diet that could benefit your brain

3 changes to your diet that could benefit your brain

Your brain is a part of your body that continuously keeps working even when you are sleeping. And how you give energy to the brain will directly affect your day to day activities.

Canada’s recent scientific study has shown that eating more fruits and vegetables in your diet helps in the development of your brain. Here are some of the findings of the study made

Eat more foods that contain flavonoids

Flavonoids are a group of phytonutrients found in most fruits and vegetables. However, the intake of one type of flavonoid known as anthocyanin has been found to reduce the risk of dementia

Have more pickled capers

Pickled capers are highly rich in a bioflavonoid known as quercetin, which helps in the regulation of our potassium ion channels. Quercetin also helps in the better health of the brain and heart

Get the power omega 3s from fish

Air pollution apart from being dangerous to our lungs and eyes can also make our brains shrink, hence affecting our cognitive and memory power as we age. Studies have shown that having a diet which is highly rich in omega 3s from fish can help in preventing the same

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