Dr. Shivaraj Shetty

Founder and Lab Director
Brief info

Dr. Shivaraj shetty has obtained his MBBS degree from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore and MD in Biochemistry from St. John's Medical College, Bangalore.
Dr. Shivaraj Shetty has started Ecotown Diagnostics in the year 2017 with fellow founders with the vision of providing Quality Laboratory Services in Bangalore. Prior to this venture, he was a well-respected and most loved professor in academic field. He taught Biochemistry at institutions like Azeezia Medical College, Kerala & SIMSAR, Kolar.
His visualization and commitment in delivering optimal quality laboratory services is remarkable. His resilient laboratory proficiency in resolving critical issues is incredible. Responsible for comprehensive functional and operational aspects and also heightening approaches of the Co. since inception.
Dr. Shivaraj holds good in managing the technical, advisory, scientific operations of the laboratory and also comprehensively leading the technical team and other laboratory consultants with other roles like-
- Good in providing effective leadership of the medical laboratory service, including budget planning and financial management, in accordance with organization policies
- Good in providing appropriate numbers of staff with the required education, training and competence to provide medical laboratory services that meet the needs and requirements of the users;
- Good in implementing and monitoring standards of performance and quality improvement of the medical laboratory service or services