Modern Medical Equipments

Ecotown Diagnostics is a vision realized in the direction of providing Quality diagnostic services to the clients. At Ecotown we believe that “Quality in Service is not, what we put into it, rather it is what our customer gets out of it”. At Ecotown we strive to give our clients the best and most state of the art diagnostic care and consultation they deserve.

Every day we deliver comprehensive testing, analysis and reporting with the reliability and personal service required to ensure the best outcomes possible for our patients.

It’s all made possible by our unmatched infrastructure that includes dedicated professionals, state-of-the-art analytical equipment, automated specimen processing, and advanced reporting applications.

We provide a wide range of Blood Tests and Sample analysis certified by qualified Biochemist, Pathologist, and Microbiologist. Our laboratory services are available all throughout the week. For customer added Convenience we provide home sample collection facility by Qualified Technician, and the customer can access their reports by E-mail, or WhatsApp.

Leadership Development

Medical Leadership

Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things

Good medicine doesn’t just happen. It is a complex and continually evolving discipline that requires insight, sensitivity and a lifelong commitment to learning in order to provide the best possible patient care and patient outcomes.

Ecotown diagnostics success has always been driven by the innate understanding that medical leadership facilitates the highest standards of professional and operational excellence for the doctors and clients that we serve.

Medical leadership is enshrined in ecotown’s culture. It permeates all divisions and practices and acts as the unifying component of our culture. It also reflects a deep understanding of the special complexities, obligations and privileges of medical practice.

Our medical leadership philosophy honors the following ideal of medical practice:

  • clients and their well being are our highest priority
  • our actions, behaviors and decisions are always focused on supporting clinicians
    and good medical practice
  • Ecotown strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and service excellence
  • we are committed to supporting and being part of the medical communities we serve
  • As a leading service provider in the diagnostic domain, we recognize and support the importance of medical education, research and professional advocacy loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself.


To provide diagnostic services, those empower patients and doctors with convenient and timely access to accurate medical testing and diagnosis.



A humble start with a vision to serve


Scaling Up

Served more than 10000 happy clients


Growth And Expansion

Growing steadily with more than 25000 happy clients and state of the art machinery

Our Mission

Mission To Empower India

We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit. Being an eminent part of the industry, we offer excellence and anticipate that the Medical Diagnostics Industry can enable Indians with affordable health care solutions without compromising quality focusing on business ethics, morale, integrity, and rationalized pricing of the services offered

Core Values

Care | Quality | Reliability | Medical innovation | Scientific advancement | Trust | Integrity | Efficiency | Affordability | Customer eccentricity

Meet The Team

Team Of Directors

'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much'

Mrs. Ramya K S
Founder & CTO

Mrs. Ramya K S

Professional, works closely with fellow directors and contributes for Business development strategies, and Employee Policies.

Mr. Vijayraghu Halmidi
Founder Director-Finance & Marketing

Mr. Vijayraghu Halmidi

Responsible for the overall Marketing and Finance of the company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the company.

Mr. Karun Kaniyar
Founder Director - Sales & Operations

Mr. Karun Kaniyar

Experience of more than a decade in developing, Marketing and executing strategies towards business development and was involved in many launches in the Middle East and played an active part of the development program of the team and product.