Benefits of eating 3:2:1 proportion

Eating 3 meals a day with 3:2:1 proportion is a practice that many people swear by to lose weight and improve overall health. 3:2:1 proportion of eating meals involves filling half of your plate with rice, roti or millets, 35% of it with dal/ sabzi or meat, and rest 15% with papad/pickle/salad/ curd, etc. This Process of diet may seem very technical but when applied in our day to day lives, you will definitely realise that it is the old age pattern if eating in a way that allows for maximum nutritional value with enhanced taste. You can be allowed to include a variety of grains, pulses, vegetables in your diet.

Here are some of the benefits of practicing 3:2:1 proportion diet:

  • Having a plate filled with colourful food items makes it appealing for the eyes and taste. Always prefer to have food in variety in your diet
  • The food that we eat has a huge effect on the energy we’ve got through the day.  Nutrient-dense foods will digest.  On the flip side, readily digestible food (sugary/simple carbs ) will digest much faster, causing your body to feel hungry again in a significantly shorter time period.  This may result in spikes in the discharge of energy to the blood, immediately followed by lows.  Ideally, the purpose is to keep energy levels throughout the day with no intense highs and lows. Eating well keeps our energy on the same level from morning until night.
  • The digestive system breaks food down into small chunky nutrients and energy that the body can use. Many types of food, including vegetables and Avocado, can help this process of digestion. Eating in 3:2:1 proportion of food/vegetables makes the digestion process easier 
  • A lot of us get constipated, acidity, bloating every time we are on diet or try to get healthy. And for that is we invariably try to eat less and in that process, we land up doing more harm than good to the body. The only way to get out of this diet cycle and to stay fit for the rest of our lives without depriving ourselves of the goodness of the food is to eat food in the state of balance the answer, therefore, lies in the right proportion, not in the portion.

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