How Covid-19 virus can end up in your home through the things you buy

While it’s important to maintain social distance and stay inside our homes as much as possible, but at the same time, we also need to come out of our homes to get our daily essentials. And it is during this time that you are highly prone to get infected with COVID-19.

However, by being aware of the below-mentioned points we can take necessary precautions and prevent ourselves from getting infected with the COVID-19 virus & bringing it home.

From the packaging of the products that you order online:

Packaging of home-delivered products has a high probability of being infected with COVID-19.

Buying foods and groceries:

While buying foods and groceries if anyone with COVID-19 infection touches the food & grocery items, the virus can get infected on the surface of the food.

Touching infected surfaces:

At times you may accidentally touch something that was earlier handled by an infected person. Surfaces like lift buttons, door handles, etc are more prone to be infected with the virus.

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