5 Things Not To Do Before A Blood Test

Before you visit your doctor or a clinic for your upcoming blood test here are certain factors that you should always keep in mind before a blood test

  1. Talk to your doctor:- Always ask your doctor about the preparations that are needed before the blood test. Some blood tests require specific preparations before the blood test is done. Not knowing about the preparations might lead to faulty blood tests which will give you inaccurate blood test results.
  2. Discuss your medications:- There are certain medications or substances which when consumed before a blood test have a tendency to alter your blood test results. Make sure to avoid such medications.
  3. Refrain from certain activities:- Activities like smoking, intake of alcohol & performing heavy exercises should be strictly avoided before any type of blood test
  4. Keep your stress in check:- Stress can impact your blood test results and mess up the blood test results. So always keep your stress under check before any type of blood test
  5. Don’t stay dehydrated:- Keeping yourselves hydrated makes your veins fuller, which in turn helps the lab technician to locate your vein for the collection of blood.

Even if you have previous experience with blood draw it is necessary to keep the above pointers in mind whenever the next time you go for your blood test. This will always ensure that you not only get accurate blood test results but also ensure that you have a safe & comfortable blood draw.

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